Summer Safety Tips

When you venture outside of your apartment this summer, do you stop to think about summer safety?

If not, you might be playing a dangerous game with your health. After all, this year has seen record-breaking heat – and we still have plenty of summer left!

So don’t take your health for granted. Stay safe this season with the following summer safety tips!

Protect Your Skin

  • Use a “broad-spectrum” SPF 16 or higher sunscreen.
  • Wear a wide brim hat, and opaque clothing.
  • Use sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Limit sun exposure between 10am and 4pm when UV rays are strongest.

Stay Hydrated

  • Drink water at least every 20 minutes when outside on hot and humid days.
  • Drink water before, during, and after any form of exercise.
  • Avoid alcohol the day before or the day of intense exercise, and never exercise with a hangover!
  • Eat plenty of foods with potassium, sodium, protein, carbs, and calories to help with your loss of fluid – especially during activities like hiking.

Play it Safe

  • Treat fireworks with extreme caution.
  • Make sure surfaces you come into contact with are cool enough to be comfortable.
  • Recreational vehicles (ATVs, four-wheelers, boats, jet skis, and even bikes and skateboards) should be used with extreme caution. Wear a helmet!
  • If you stop sweating or have any other signs of heatstroke – fast heart rate, confusion, fatigue, or dizziness – go back to your apartment to cool off and take a long break.

Avoid the Bugs

  • Wear clothing that covers your skin.
  • Apply insect repellant containing DEET to clothing, shoes, and exposed skin.
  • If you get bitten, use ice to reduce pain, itching, and swelling.
  • If a rash, fever, headache, or fatigue develops, call your doctor.

That all sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

We’re sure that if you follow all of these tips, you’ll have a successfully satisfying summer season!

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